We do not only store your goods, we also take care of the complete transshipment of goods and transport. With our equipment we are able to load and unload conventional goods and commodities up to 45 tonnes

Goods of all kind

  • 15.000 s qm trucking plant in the Güterverkehrszentrum (GVZ) Bremen
  • Unloading of conventional goods and commodities of 20′ -, 40′ – and 45′- containers
  • inner platforms for unloading and loading from the side and back
  • ground level unloading by usage of Reach Stacker up to 45 t
  • Picking, palletizing, packaging, foliation

Container Stuffing

  • Collection and check of general cargo shipments to destination country or harbour
  • Loading of LCL- and FCL export containers
  • Storage and security of partial or full truck load in the export container
  • Individual containers up to 45 t


  • Containers and individual containers up to 45 t
  • Pallet goods up to 16 t